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Since 1978:
experience, creativity and innovation

SMI’s history goes back to 1978 when its founders Giuseppe Faurlin and Sergio Campeotto established the company FCF, specialized in the production of high precision mechanical components for third parties.

SMI’s history is the story of progressive creation in the course of years of an integrated industrial group, capable to synergistically cover different areas of application, composing thereby a response of overall solutions to the customer.

SMI was founded in 1990: the first commercial structure of FCF soon became the business and production center for the construction of CNC machines and tools for tube processing of all types of metals and alloys.

The third member of the group, IMEV, specializing in fabrication of light and heavy sheet metal steel structures was incorporated in 1998.

SMI’s status of today, officially unified in 2009, inherited important assets and already qualified and trained technicians, with a structured technological organization, capable to certify all the production processes.

The specific function and additional value of the unified SMI is the integration of the three companies in one, gaining a global vision and targets, besides consolidating an overall position of market leadership within a wide range of applications, manufacturing CNC machines and plants for different industries:

  • Refrigeration, heating, air conditioning and cooling
  • Automotive
  • Domestic appliance
  • Alternative and renewable energy

The generational renewal process was recently initiated for the management takeover, involving the children of the founders. SMI extends over a total area of 30,000 square meters, 14.000 of which are covered, employing about 120 employees and with a paid-up capital of 3 million Euros


SMI's group is divided into two main departments:

Machine and Automation
Machine and Automation
SMI’s in-house production, guaranteed by the symbol 100% Made in SMI along with its outstanding vocation to customize standard machines and integrate automated systems, all made to customer’s specific request and to his full satisfaction, added to a considerable designing and manufacturing capability of components, accessories and special and personalized equipment, makes each machine unique. This is what makes the difference, distinguishing SMI from its competitors. A rare characteristic of the company in which everything, from the engineering to the final implementation, is guided by a rigorous logic ‘problem solving’ mentality that generates and provides the highest level of customer satisfaction.
High Precision
High Precisionmachining

SMI’s high precision mechanical components department has historically been the first nucleus from which the current structure and se-up has been formed. The initial activities of the company’s high precision manufacturing workshop gave SMI a fundamental imprinting: Constant research and development to satisfy the very diverse requirements of customers. To offer a rational and effective answer to this mission, SMI has pursued severe targets composed of continuous investments, implementing and targeting its growth in different directions:

- The high professional training of the staff, not only in terms of knowledge and technical expertise in relation to the various machines, but who also knows how to follow the customer in all phases of the project, from initial design consulting in order to identify the best possible applicable solution.

- Technological innovation systems, machinery and equipment, for a perfect alignment with the adoption of the most modern solutions in the field of applied mechanics, complete study of equipment to satisfy complex orders until their completion and down to single components.

- In-house manufacture in all the stages of the production process, thus permitting the customer to refer to only one figure only for his complete project, even in case of complex projects, besides the possibility of undertake rigorous quality controls during manufacture.

- The synergistic integration between the various departments, creating an efficient internal production network to meet delivery times, resulting in cost benefits for the client, with the same desired quality.

- The development of a logistics integrated center, in which a vast stock of raw materials and machines is available for quick utilization, offers the best response to frequent Just-in-time requests.

- The creation of a system of partnership and trust with external certified and referenced suppliers.


Today, SMI’s machining department of high precision components presents itself on the market as an absolutely reliable partner for quality, for semi-finished products, individual components, assembled products, regardless of size, complexity or customizations.