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SMI has chosen WE TUBE as a formula with which to express their identity and corporate vision.

Because SMI can do everything that rotates around the tube’s universe, in its various applications.
Today’s market is global, open, fast, flexible and integrated. The real differential challenge for companies’ focuses on “what can be done”, i.e., the capacity and quality of a global response to scenarios and complex problems because they are immediate, changeable, not always determinable and often replicable.
Only companies like SMI can meet these standards, thanks to their technologically advanced machines and machining centers and easily adaptable and flexible production systems.
Customer satisfaction is one of SMI’s main targets, contemplating the integration of highly professional and qualified technicians, rationality in the analysis of problems, knowledge of automation processes, adoption of the latest technologies besides customized technical solutions, a decisive and effective approach to problem solving, specifically developed intuitive software.

SMI already possesses all the qualities of leadership in today’s global market and that’s why WE TUBE, in its correlation of ideas with the greatest web extension channel in the world, is the perfect synthesis that represents all its great potential.