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CMS, a leading company in the development, production, and distribution of high-performance expanders, hairpin benders, and high-performance presses for the HVAC-R industry, joins the Crippa and SMI industrial group. The expertise of Crippa, SMI and CMS...

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Dear all, we are pleased to announce that CRIPPA S.p.A., market leader in the design and manufacture of bending and forming processes for metal tubes, has defined the investment for the integration of SMI S.r.l., thus becoming a single group. The operation...

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On the 19th of November, SMI hosted a delegation of corporations from Cyprus, dealing with Solar Technologies.
As part of their business tour to Italian benchmark companies in ST market, Cyprus cluster visited SMI for a technical presentation on the...

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SMI- NUOVA INFRASTRUTTURA PER LA SICUREZZA INFORMATICA   Per poter sviluppare la filiera produttiva in modalità sicura senza sovraccaricare il sistema è necessario reinventare l'intera rete informatica aziendale ed i nodi HW che...

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On magazine "TUBE & PIPE Technology" of January 2018 you can find an article speaking about the BurrOakTool-SMI Partnership, how is developping.
Here below the...

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INVESTIMENTI TECNOLOGICI PER LA MECCANICA DI PRECISIONE   Il progetto si inserisce nella strategia di sviluppo di SMI che punta a implementare la capacità produttiva e arricchire la produzione con prodotti nuovi e qualitativamente...

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SMI presents at TUBE&WIRE 2016 in Duesseldorf the new FAM series of hairpin benders: a completely automatic machinery for the manufacture of products called “Fixed radius HAIRPINS”. The only one of its kind, the machine is...

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