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The advantages

The advantages

The SMI – OAK synergy is now capable to offer a vast series of advantages, not available elsewhere, that have been defined in detail, to suit customers’ needs anywhere in the world:

1. A guaranteed reliability based upon an un-equalled know-how, since the two companies can count upon a total of 110 years of experience in their respective fields of activity

2. The advanced technology and manufacturing standards adopted are far ahead respect to current market standards thanks to the exchange of information and experience between the companies, thereby offering efficient innovation dynamics

3. The availability of a complete and un-equalled range of plants and machinery for the refrigeration, air-conditioning, heating, automotive, domestic appliances and alternative energy industries

4. The possibility to identify and build customized designs, solutions and manufacturing processes thanks to great technologic assets of SMI -OAK and a firm desire for research, development and innovation

5. A world-wide network of commercial information and assistance, operating in a capillary and synergic mode, to achieve better customer satisfaction.